A truly fine dining experience often includes a combination of high quality, perfectly cooked food and a special wine. At Morton’s, you can get such a meal in a traditionally elegant atmosphere, featuring the best cuts of beef and options from a thoughtfully-chosen, locally customized wine list. Morton’s pays attentions to the details when it comes to creating upscale, classic, and creative culinary excitement. The Willamette Valley Oregon vineyard tours are fascinating and a great experience for all the wine lovers.

For Morton’s, the best means Prime cuts. USDA Prime beef is an official designation from the United States Department of Agriculture, given to the top two percent of available beef in the U.S. Prime cuts are graded based on marbling and age, and are in limited supply. This means you just can’t get them in regular supermarkets. Then, Morton’s uses a wet-aging process to make the beef ready to eat. It puts the beef into a vacuum-sealed bag, so meat gets tenderized by its own juices for three weeks. Then, it’s trimmed into portion-controlled cuts, and served within a week to ensure the best flavor.

After that, Morton’s skilled chefs take over. Beef is grilled at 1200-1500 degrees to quickly sear in flavor, handled with tongs rather than flesh-piercing forks to keep in the juices, and served without a marinade because the taste needs to be savored rather than hidden.

Then, there’s the wine. Morton’s often goes directly to the winery to make custom house wines as a limited edition or private label. These wines are available exclusively to guests of Morton’s. Morton’s creates and blends these formulas in tandem with well-known wineries to ensure flavors that embody and enhance the taste of Midwest grain-fed Prime steaks and other Morton’s specialties, such as short ribs, chicken, and seafood.

mortons-wine-rack_207x207Up to 30 wines are available by the glass, including the limited release wine. But this isn’t all that Morton’s offers. As a national chain, Morton’s locations might be expected to have a consistent, homogenous list of libations across the country. But instead, up to 20 percent of the wine list is chosen by local sommeliers to be tailored to the tastes of local guests. These include wines from all over the world, from Spain to Napa Valley, and change seasonally. Lusher, richer wines with more texture dominate in the winter, and lighter, sweeter, more aromatic wines will make the list once spring starts to bloom.

But Morton’s offers more than that. Sommeliers can expertly help you pair wine with steak and seafood selections from the menu to get the most out of the flavors involved. And, if a guest is looking for something specific, Morton’s can handle requests as well – with a little notice. The restaurants pride themselves on not just offering wines for purchase, but providing a wine concierge service to create and arrange personalized experiences for guests.

Morton’s the Steakhouse features four suburban locations in Naperville, Northbrook, Rosemont, and Schaumburg, as well as the original Chicago location on State St. and Wacker Pl. just off Michigan Ave. in the loop. For more information, or to make reservations, visit www.mortons.com.

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