If you drive north or south on I-294 near O’Hare, you drive right by Impact Field, the brand new field where the Chicago Dogs Baseball team will start playing next May. Yesterday I received a tour of the field and construction is going quickly! Here are some highlights. First, there are only 18 rows so everyone is close to the action. No nose bleed seats here! Don’t worry, no one is sitting on cement, the chairs haven’t yet been installed. There will be over 6,000 seats for fans, and looking to the left, you’ll see covered garage parking next to the field, so entry is easy – important if you have small children. This was well planned. For business people and companies, Impact Field will also include a private club and suites.

Look below and to the right side of the image. Fans will be able to enjoy their beverage outside or inside with this large 2nd story bar and deck overlooking the 3rd baseline. Below the outdoor bar on the right is a children’s play area so kids can have fun, whether they are baseball fans or not.

Check out the image below to see more deck space above the 3rd baseline bullpen. It’s high enough to see the whole field. This deck also has three different levels and I was told will include highboy tables.

The center field video board is two sided, so travelers along I-294 can see messages from the Chicago Dogs just like they get while driving by Fashion Outlets just south of the field on the east side of I-294. Fans can also walk all the way around the field with the raised deck above the outfield so they can see the action from anywhere in the field!

Finally, unlike most other fields, there will be a home plate party deck raised up so fans can look down to home base. Regarding the quality of play, I’m told the manager to be announced shortly, played in the major leagues and has been involved in minor league teams, so the team is excited about winning a lot of games.



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