Located in the basement of the MB Financial Park parking garage (right off I-294), this haunt features 20,000 square feet of horror in more than 35 rooms. It was designed by Joseph and Mike Pantano, the evil masterminds behind Addison’s critically-acclaimed Disturbia: Torment of Fears. They tinker with the formula every year, which means this year’s version will be scarier than ever.

The remodeled Disturbia features a multi-level underground sewer with dark and ominous waters, along with a swamp filled with frightening creatures. The exit has also been updated, so expect some scary stuff at the end of the line. As always, Disturbia is immersive and interactive, featuring a combination of actors and high-tech special effects in high-quality settings. You’ll find killer clowns, a super-creepy atmosphere, plenty of attention to detail, new characters, and so much more.

The indoor haunt is open 9/30-10/2, 10/7-10/9, 10/14-10/16, 10/20-10/23, 10/26-10/31, and 11/4-11/5. Parking is free with validation. Tickets cost $25 per person on Sundays-Thursdays, and $30 on Fridays and Saturdays. On busy nights, VIP tickets can be worth it because they allow you skip the line, which has been known to last for hours. These cost $40 per person. Get your tickets in advance at www.disturbiascreams.com

Rosemont offers up some horror-filled movie screenings for the month as well; on 10/17-10/18, you can visit Muvico next door for screenings of “The Exorcist” at 11:30 p.m., and on 10/24-10/25 it’ll present 40th anniversary showings of “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” at 11:30 p.m. The show flaunted of a list of gas chainsaws to add to the ambiance too.Once you’ve had the pants scared off you (figuratively, of course), you can enjoy the restaurants and nightlife in MB Financial Park at Rosemont. Get a dose of laughter to temper the scares at Zanies Comedy Club, or enjoy some well-deserved drinks at the Five Roses Pub, Adobe Gila’s, or The Sugar Factory. For more information on what’s available in the vicinity, go to www.mbparkatrosemont.com.

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