Temporary Halloween stores are already up and running, but this season, consider going a step further! Chicago hosts a very special costume store in the Portage Park neighborhood called Fantasy Costumes. It takes up a full block and offers more than one million items all year long. This is a store that’s serious about its costuming. If you’re looking for selection and expertise, it’s here.

Every year, Fantasy Costumes opens 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for the week or so just around Halloween. That way, you’ll never be missing a part of your costume, no matter how close it is to your holiday party. If you’re looking for a makeup fix, a new wig, or the perfect accessory, Fantasy Costumes can help you find it! The store also gets hundreds of new items this time of year, so it’s the place to go for the complete masquerade experience. This year, Disney costumes, Pokémon costumes, all manner of masked avengers, Wonder Woman, and the usual scary creatures will be popular, and the store will stock them all.

At other places, you may find picked-over racks close to Halloween, but that never happens at this place. The selection is so big, you can get dressed on any budget. No one has a better, deeper selection, and you’ll get the benefit.

Because there are always opportunities for cosplay, Fantasy Costumes is open year-round. Kids can find their perfect superhero outfit anytime they need one. Mascots can be rented, and cartoon and movie characters can be imitated for comic-cons, movie premieres, concerts, themed parties, and more! Going to the Renaissance faire? No problem. Need a Santa Claus outfit for Christmas? Done. Want to dress up as Cupid for Valentine’s Day? You’re covered. Mardi Gras, Purim, Easter, prom, themed school days – Fantasy Costumes has seen them all, and knows how to handle everything.

Attention to detail is a hallmark of Fantasy Costumes’ service. You will find entire rooms of shoes, wigs, and accessories of all kids here. And because Fantasy Costumes is a year-round endeavor with a 50-year history, the staff offers the type of service you won’t get from other shops. The staff at Fantasy Costumes includes experts skilled in individual categories as well as general costume and character knowledge. Cosplay specialists can advise about how to create the most authentic look for your character. On-staff hair and makeup professionals can help you create the image you want from a simple photo or drawing. The possibilities are endless. Fantasy Costumes also has rental designers to help you choose the most outstanding ensemble.

Here, you will find more options. Whether you need a basic costume for a child to wear every day or something that stands up to the scrutiny of a masquerade contest, you can get it at Fantasy Costumes. Find the materials you need to create and build, or buy your entire outfit here. Hard-to-find and plus-size costumes are always in stock. And if you don’t find what you need, you can order.

Fantasy Costumes has been a Chicago staple since 1969, gradually developing into a 20,000 sq. ft. store with a mission – help customers look great while having fun. Getting a little crazy along the way is okay too. The store has served celebrities, film crews, cosplayers, and businesses over the decades.

The largest and most exciting Halloween store in Chicago is located off Irving Park Rd. at 4065 N. Milwaukee Ave. Check the website for 24/7 open hours near Halloween, and let your imagination be your guide for renting, buying, or just getting ideas. For more information, visit www.fantasycostumes.com or call 773-777-0222.

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