The Chicago area is an amazing family destination, with many activities to entertain and entice everyone you care about. And if it’s sports that thrills your family, Chicagoland has you covered. We certainly have amazing major-league franchises, but sometimes our smaller operations are the ones really designed to bring people together. Take your loved ones over to Rosemont for all the excitement of ice hockey with one of the area’s winningest teams, the Chicago Wolves.

The Wolves are a Chicago-area tradition with much history. They’ve been part of the Chicago sports scene since 1994, playing the 29 teams of the American Hockey League at the Allstate Arena and offering all the fun of professional hockey at a great price point. The hockey is intense and fast-paced, and the full experience includes so much more than that! Special events take place regularly, such as theme nights, recognition for everyday heroes, and evenings reserved for scouting groups. From kids’ club action and charity auctions to the Adopt-A-Dog program, the Wolves provide a full-sensory atmosphere that will have every member of your group smiling, win or lose.

The Wolves make themselves part of the community, in so many ways. Post-game autograph sessions make it easy to get up close and personal with the players. Pre-game festivities, including an indoor fireworks show, get spectators hyped up. And kids can test their skills in the Kids Zone every game, and enjoy activities such as face-painting, sign-making, and caricature drawing on the concourse during Family Sundays.

Each game is an excellent value, whether you’re coming with friends, or bringing the family. Individual tickets cost as little as $11 for a game. Chicago Wolves Fan 4 Packs include four tickets, four hot dogs, four sodas, and popcorn for as low as $68. That’s a full evening’s entertainment for an entire family! And since you’re in Rosemont, the parking is very convenient. It costs just $15 and up. Plus, you have so many other places you can easily travel to nearby for dining, drinks, or entertainment before or after the game.

Chicago is well known for loving its teams, whether they’re successful or not. And locals go absolutely nuts when our sports teams start winning! The Wolves, with just one losing season in its 23-year-history, are one of the region’s most successful sports franchises. That’s one reason that they’re well-loved here.

That success has yielded more benefits, both for the team and for fans. In 2017, the Wolves entered into a five-year affiliate agreement with a new National Hockey League expansion team, the Las Vegas Golden Knights. As part of this partnership, the Wolves will be helping the Golden Knights to develop talent. Which means that when you go to a Wolves game, you may truly be seeing the next major-league prospects come out of Rosemont.

The regular season continues through April, with home games from 1/3-1/6, 1/20-1/21, 2/2-2/3, 2/15-2/18, 2/27, 3/10-3/18, 3/25-4/3, 4/7, and 4/14-4/15. For details on who’s playing, see our sports calendar. The Wolves almost always make the playoffs, so we’re sure they’ll be playing post-season as well.

With so much happening at every Wolves game, this may be the ultimate family-friendly sporting experience in Chicagoland. Major-league games are too big to feel like you’re really part of something, but Wolves games are perfect for things like birthday parties, school trips, and group events. For more information on the Wolves, visit or call 1-800-THE-WOLVES.

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