The new ride at Six Flags Great America, JUSTICE LEAGUE: Battle for Metropolis is actually the third version of the ride that the Internationial Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) awarded the “Best New Ride” award. It opened last week, and is sure to be a big attraction this season!

sixflagsjl1WCG got to check out the ride on opening day. I didn’t really know what to expect, but it was different than I expected – and better than I thought! It’s what the people in the industry call a “dark ride” – an indoor attraction with people in vehicles that go along a track. This is a tried-and-true style of amusement park attraction, but Six Flags and ride creator Sally Corporation have added some innovative elements that really turned the experience into something special.

You enter through the Hall of Justice, which is a selfie-worthy representation of a hallowed DC Comics institutions. The line features video screens that will fill you in on the story – basically, the Joker and Lex Luther have teamed up to battle DC superheroes, and have successfully captured some of the big ones. Your mission is to join up with the Justice League to defend the city and rescue the superheroes.

sixflagsjl2The ride itself is a cool combination of animatronic figures and visuals (imagine the Joker coming at you with a huge gun spraying laughing gas, and a real fire “explosion”), 3-D visuals (yes, you wear glasses), and 4-D elements such as fog and wind. The cars have laser guns on them, and you can shoot henchmen, helicopters, and Lex-bots for points as you go through the ride. There’s even an interactive fog screen for interacting with the bots. But the climax of the ride takes place with video-dominated sequences in the city of Metropolis, where you’ll do a virtual loop-de-loop, experience great special effects and action, and save the day.

Once you exit the ride, you’ll get to view your points and you land right in the gift shop, but it’s all good. You’ll want to do it again immediately.

JUSTICE LEAGUE: Battle for Metropolis is available with your admission ticket to Six Flags Great America, which is located just off I-94 in Gurnee at 1 Great American Pkwy. For admission prices and and additional information, visit

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