Weber Grill Restaurant looks like an upscale restaurant with a cozy, elegant ambiance. Check out for the best restaurant franchise.  It has three locations in the Chicago area (Chicago, Lombard, and Schaumburg), plus one in Indiana and a new one in the St. Louis area that’s wowing guests at the famous St. Louis Galleria. But the eatery is more than what it appears – this local company is actually a family-owned enterprise that takes advantage of local produce, gets creative with seasonal recipes, stocks great local craft beers, and holds sacred a special method of grilling.

webergrilledWeber Grill Restaurant is special because it’s the only restaurant that will actually reveal its secrets to you. The chefs use customized, commercial-grade versions of the Weber Kettle in an open kitchen, using Weber Chimney Starter – so they’re using the same equipment and techniques you use. They work under a philosophy that’s all about sharing the cooking experience and making it possible for people to cook the same way at home. Weber cooks are constantly introducing guests to the company’s signature covered and indirect method of charcoal-based searing, developed in the ‘50s. The process allows for a controlled process that results in big flavor, caramelized crusts, and a rich texture that makes any cut of meat better.

The burgers are tasty, focusing on the flavor of the meat rather than the piling on of condiments. The barbecue, a more recent focus because it’s harder to do well at home, is slow-cooked to seal in flavor. It isn’t just meat that Weber Grill specializes in, though. Weber Grill gets creative, offering foods you might not necessary think of, such as fruits, fish, and kebabs. Chefs here use the Weber Grill pizza stone, available at retail, to create perfect Italian pies.

weberbbqgrillIn keeping with the philosophy of sharing, Weber Grill offers grilling classes on a regular basis. This summer the Schaumburg location is hosting a “Hands On! Kid’s Class,” with two sessions on 7/9. Kids will learn grill safety and cook pizzas, burgers, and fire-roasted strawberries with ice cream (one child and one adult ticket are included for $35). “Hands On! Charcoal Grilling” takes place on 7/23, “Hands On! Smoking” takes place on 8/13, and “Hands On! Charcoal Grilling” is 9/10. Each of these classes, with four dishes to create and taste, costs $85 per guest. A special two-day class, “Basics of Barbecue, Shoulder and Ribs,” runs 9/30 from 6-10 p.m. and 10/1 from 7:30-3 p.m., for $299.

If you just don’t feel like setting up the grill, Weber Grill Restaurant offers catering – build-your-own burger options, box lunches, sandwich platters, picnic meals, and party trays. Spend less time cooking, and more time entertaining – and feed more people than your own grill might be able to handle. Servers can bring the famous kettles right to your door.

But if you just love cooking your own food on your Weber grill, that’s cool too. After all, the grill is a great way of extending the usefulness of your kitchen while keeping your home cooler. It’s the focal point of the party, and a great way to share your skills and your food with friends and guests. No one understands that better than Weber Grill Restaurants, so go to it!

Schaumburg at 1010 N. Meacham, 847-413-0800

Lombard at 2331 Fountain Square, 630-953-8880

Chicago at 539 N. State, 312-467-9696

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